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In Fall 1978, the Washington Council for Economic and Financial Education (WACEFE) was formed to expand and improve the quality of economic and financial education. The Council partners with the Washington Center for Economic and Financial Education in its effort to provide high quality curriculum and professional development to teachers in Washington State.

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Our mission is to advance the economic future of students by ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn basic economic concepts and personal finance
in school.

At WACEFE, we believe that in order
to advance economic and financial education for our students, we need to provide access to high quality curriculum and training to our educators. By
equipping teachers with tools, resources
and professional development, we can ensure the economic health of our students, providing them with the knowledge to become prudent savers and investors.
Our hope is that we can empower our students  to make informed decisions as consumers, producers and citizens.

Additionally, WACEFE connects educators with the business community to participate as speakers to help students understand the real-life applications of economic and personal finance.

WACEFE is associated with a network of 48 councils throughout the country. The national affiliate, the Council for Economic Education (CEE) advocates for more economics and personal finance classes, primarily through the biennial Survey of the States.

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The young talents bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to WACEFE.

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