Mari Soonsoo Bae

Program Manager at Google

hardware supply chain

Mari Soonsoo Bae is a passionate advocate for economic and financial literacy. She is a Program Manager overseeing product operations for Google hardware and the owner of a small bakery business in Austin, TX. Empowering others to be the best version of themselves and leading by example are her callings.

She holds an MBA from the University of Washington which is a long way from where she is from. Born in a rural Korean village, she had extremely limited resources around her. From early on, her parents, who started from the bottom, were determined to be financially literate. Her achievements today are a direct result of her parents' efforts to provide a better life than what they have to their children.

Mari came to the United States alone when she was eighteen to pursue higher education. She studied Business and Economics at Eastern Michigan University. The critical thinking skills she learned from Economics have been applicable to every step of her career development.

Mari is inspired to carry on her parents’ legacy of equipping people with the right knowledge and skills. It is a unique privilege to be able to pay it forward and empower the next generation.

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